Velan steam traps enjoy a long and rich history.  Manufactured first in 1950, the Velan steam trap has remained the high quality product it first was.  The only major change to the Velan steam trap came about in 1987, when the company was sold to Plenty Limited. Velan steam traps were then traded under the Plenty Steam Products name for 15 years until 2002, when it was reacquired by Velan Valves UK.  

The Velan steam trap line offers bimetallic steam traps, float and thermostatic steam traps, piston operated steam traps and thermodynamic steam traps.  To learn more about Velan Steam Traps, click the above icon or visit


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Velan is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial steel valves with twelve specialized manufacturing plants, including five in Canada and U.S.A., four in Europe, and three in Asia. Velan employs over 1,500 people, 75% of which are located in North America. They owe much of their success to the capability, experience and dedication of their employees who have made quality and innovation the cornerstone of Velan since its inception in 1950. Velan is the largest manufacturer of industrial steel gate, globe and check valves in the world. They also offer an advanced line of highly competitive industrial ball valves with metal and resilient seats, Torqseal triple offset butterfly valves, as well as high-performance all stainless steel knife gate valves. Their valves are supplied for a broad range of applications in the power generation, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, cryogenic, and ship-building industries. They concentrate on one business—designing, manufacturing and marketing advanced technology steel valves in a broad range of types and sizes.



Advance Thermal Corp. is the single largest and most experienced manufacturer of removable insulation covers. With 3 fully equipped manufacturing facilities, strategically located throughout North America in Illinois, Texas and Connecticut, quality insulation blankets can be manufactured quickly and efficiently for a complete array of industrial equipment.